Kate Spade’s Fall Preview

As any woman in NYC, I find myself drawn to high-end accessories that also can handle the wear-and-tear of city life. Few do that better than Kate Spade. I was doing my regular run-through of her Madison Avenue flagship in search of the latest handbag or “idiom” accessory, when I stumbled across some incredible news. Some of Kate Spade’s clothing will finally available in lager sizes. I was escorted up to the 4th floor VIP dressing room to have a sneak peek at the very first pieces in her September collection to come in an XL or US 16.

Her aesthetic is always been something I coveted but could rarely find in anything over a size 12. She has a modern, cheeky take on classic feminine chic. Lots of bows, peplums and structured accessories, but with an unexpected twist – like her new-for-fall oxblood leather handbag that has an adorable fox peeking out.

The September trend is funky with a hint of fox hunting. There were a lot of orange plaids, camel swing coats, preppy pussycat bows, muted animal prints and tones of red. I fell in love with their oversized-bow sweaters, which run a bit large so an XL may fit up to an 18/20. It is pictured here in the “griege”/black color, but it also comes in white/black. I left there with both. At over $200 a pop, the sticker shock was severe at the end of my spree, but well worth it as these will become hard-working staples in my wardrobe come fall. I just can’t wait to weather the cold fronts wearing one of these over my favorite leather leggings from ASOS CURVE. Also if something makes you feel like a million dollars, truly, that feeling is priceless, right?

Speaking of feeling incredible, their ponte knit fit-and-flare dresses may be some of the best items I have ever tried. It has hidden pockets, a cute cutout and bow detail in the back, and a classy silhouette that will give you an instant hourglass figure. This item comes in black or red and can fit up to a 16/18 since it has some stretch. I paired the red one with an adorable black bow belt in an XL that fit my 42-inch waist just fine.

As someone with a very large upper arm, some of the other Size 16 pieces made of unforgiving fabrics and silk sadly did not fit. If you are a taller, differently proportioned size 16, they may work for you. But as a woman closer to an 18 these days, I stuck with the knits.

Not every style will be carried in these sizes, but we applaud Kate Spade for expanding and hope that there will be even more in the future! I have been informed that there will be new pieces arriving every month, but they are sure to sell out quickly. There goes my bank account…

Words: Renee Cafaro


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine