Holly Fulton | LFW | SS16 | Day 2

Holly Fulton, the queen of surface decoration did not disappoint this season with a collection of gorgeous, feminine pieces that had a very youthful feel. Fulton, the empress of embellishment didn’t disappoint and like many of her contemporaries she too was giving a nod to the Seventies but with a much more youthful, high school and girlish approach.

Floral prints were simplistic and had stamp like qualities, with which Fulton played with their scale on different pieces to add interest and contrast. Again oversized ruffle detailing was important here and was used both as an applique on to full skirts and for asymmetric hemlines, as well as for panel details that creeped round a hem and up onto the main body of the dress. Little box jackets were worn over shoulders, while collars were wide with curved edges and often contrastingly adorned (from the main body of the garment) in intricate beadwork, embroidery or print. Trousers were streamlined with high waists and flared legs, again reinforcing the seventies trend and often printed or embroidered, teamed with matching shirting (in a reverse colourway print).

The styling of notebooks, mini satchels and boldly toned geek glasses, along with not quite done hair and softly toned make up again brought the high school theme into play, teamed with the youthful spirit of the clothing, Fulton was definitely sending us back to school for SS16, although this would be one fashionable detention.

Key trends:

  • Seventies
  • Americana High School
  • Denim – Embroidered
  • Embroidery
  • Embelishment
  • Oversized Ruffles
  • Contrast collars
  • Bold seventies tones of blue, green, red

Images: Catwalking.com


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine