Viva Las Vegas

Holiday season is almost here and many of you will be getting off to sunnier climbs round about now. For those looking for a holiday that is 24/7, where the drink flows and the partying plentiful then you probably want to head for the city of Las Vegas. A town of two stories – for the residence who call it home it is still a city of play but plenty of work too but for those stopping by it is non stop, with windowless casinos and zero clocks so you never know how long you’ve been up for.

Nevada first licensed casino’s way back in 1931, realising that there was some serious dough to be made and to this day, it is the home for anyone that likes to play a little blackjack, roulette or get those elusive snake eyes.

Some of the most legendary hotels reside in Vegas – The Show Boat, The Tropicana and The Shahara – gangster funded hotels that only enhance the cities film noir appeal.

Now of course aside from gambling it is of course the home to some of the greatest and biggest performances on earth after all Vegas is all about going big or going home!

But for those not able to jet off and see the bright lights in person you could always try your luck from the comfort of your own home with  Not quite as glam but until you’re ready its an ok start.


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine