#StyleHasNoSize – Evans to Launch Limited Edition Collection in June

Plus-size retailer Evans is set to release a limited edition summer collection this June with the bold and powerful message #StyleHasNoSize. Alongside the retailers usual offerings, the limited edition collection will feature both t-shirts and bags bearing the logo – giving plus-size women everywhere the opportunity to make a statement about plus-size perceptions within the fashion industry and beyond.

The collection aims to bring awareness to plus-size women that it is OK to be happy, and fashionable, in the skin that they’re in – a concept that Slink Magazine has supported for a very long time. What’s more, Evans have announced that all proceeds from the collection will go to The Rainbow Trust, a charity supporting children who suffer from a life threatening or terminal illness. This new collection then, will bring more than just a political message to your wardrobe, giving you the chance to spoil yourself and give a little back at the same time.

Celebrating All Sizes

A representative of the company spoke recently with the Daily Mail and continued to push the idea that women’s sizes should be celebrated and not criticised, she said ;

“It’s not about big or small, or fat or thin – it’s about proving that body confidence is the best accessory any woman can add to her outfit.”

This statement, and Evans reputation for celebrating women of plus-size whilst offering them truly fashionable garments, aims to face prejudice full on. The central message being, be proud of who you are and don’t let the fashion industry dictate who you should be. In addition, the #StyleHasNoSize hashtag and limited garments will let you share your philosophy with the wider world whilst looking fantastic.

Alongside the Evans blog which contains more information regarding the launch, many other blogs have been quick to jump on this bold and daring collection, something you too can do if you set up your own fashion portal with the tools from companies such as 1&1. Slink magazine has always been a fan of the Evans collection, most recently reporting on the Evans Design Collective in late 2014. So, get ready for the launch of #StyleHasNoSize and be prepared to wear your heart on your sleeve – or at least your chest.


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine