Visual Doctor… What Does Healthy Look Like

You can not diagnose health by looking at someone. If you’re a visual doctor, reading this, then I’m sorry your medical qualifications are not recognised here.

We have created a society where health is synonymous with a dress size and whatever damage we have to do to our minds, bodies and souls en route is simply collateral damage.

Full health comes from fuelling your body right, taking part in physical activity and being mentally strong. These things don’t come on a hanger. There is no size attached and a 20 a day smoker at a size 10, or an inactive size 8 is not, despite the visual doctors prognosis not the picture of health.

We separate physical and mental health, like they’re tick boxes on a form, unrelated and not relying on one another for survival. How can we be so advanced in technology, yet so backwards when it comes to basic humanity.

Let’s start having a real conversation #whatdoeshealthylooklike

As Linda Bacon of HAES said…

‘The only thing you can diagnose when you look at the size of somebody’s body is your own level of prejudice’



-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine