Lilly Pulitzer for Target

Mark Your Calendars: Lilly Pulitzer for Target Launches April 19th!

Often plus-size women miss out on certain iconic designers simply because they do not carry clothing past size 12 and there are never comparable knock-offs to satisfy our need for a certain designer’s look. That certainly is the case with Lilly Pulitzer. Not since Pucci has a design house had such a highly recognizable aesthetic. It is all in the pink and green branding, the 60’s florals and undeniable Pulitzer fabrics that defined Palm Beach society for decades.

Finally we can get a taste of Worth Avenue that will fit our budgets and our bodies. This highly-anticipated line for Target will feature casual wear, accessories, shoes and home decor in the same trademark patterns that made Lilly Pulitzer so desirable. Thursday was the promotional event in Bryant Park, taking over the former spot of the NYFW tents and filling it with pink-and-green lawn furniture, hammocks, manicure stations, art displays and juice bars. They even dyed the fountain water pink and built arches out of hedges and azaleas. The Pulitzer team brought the Florida “country club” to Midtown for the public to enjoy for free on a gorgeous spring day.

Out of the many promotional events that Bryant Park sees, this was by far the most visually appealing and accessible event. There was a pop-up store previewing some of the wares available nationwide on Sunday, but sadly it had sold out within hours of opening.

I guess I will be in line at Target like everyone else on Sunday. As they say, the early bird gets the wrap dress…or something like that!

By Renee Cafaro


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine