Model Behaviour: Grace Brackstone – Don’t Photoshop Me

Model Behaviour – Grace Brackstone has here say about photoshop and this article really got her cross!

As a model myself one of the hardest things to do as any model will tell you is to look at pictures of yourself un retouched. You have an image of what you think you look like in your head then the reality hits you as soon as you see the unedited shot. Insecurities start to come to the forefront of your mind when you thought you’d locked them away. It’s only natural to want to look perfect but “aspiring” and “needing” are two separate things which seemed to have become a “must” within the industry.

Personally I do not see anything wrong with Photoshop if it is used correctly to edit out some things that wouldn’t normally or naturally be on your face or body e.g blemishes, bags under the eyes or bruises. As long as the image is more truth than an altered improvement then I see no harm it is what I call a “polished” image. I won’t lie my images are retouched some due to creasing in the garment and others because the night before was very memorable and my call time was far too early and like Lena Dunham I was sincerely grateful to the retoucher.

I shall never forget when I first began modelling another model I was working with at the time told me, “your only as good as your worst picture, and clients remember that.” That has resonated in my head for years and still I find myself repeating that crap. She put her insecurities onto me. Not cool love……not cool. It’s safe to say we never became friends.

Now this will make you laugh, here is an example of how and when Photoshop is abused by complete obsessive weirdos. This is a picture taken of one of my first lingerie jobs I booked, I was very proud of my curves and how it looked. Don’t get me wrong I wished my tummy was more toned but then I like my food way too much…….


This guy does this for fun? Clearly he needs to get a girlfriend or another hobby that involves actual human beings…..

Instantly I’ve gone from a 14/16 to a 6/8?! When I saw this ridiculously photoshopped image  I had to laugh. My head is huge compared to my body so now I have lollipop syndrome which despite some celebrities sporting it I’ve never been a fan of, and if you’ve notice my skin colour has changed to a few shades darker I look like I’ve been prancing around the Costa Brava for a 2 weeks.

This is my problem with Photoshop and people like this guy advocating that this is what I should look like. Who is he to tell me that I should look like this or be this size? It all comes down to what other people think and other people ideals of how we should look. This is mentally damaging to so many young girls and boys it’s beyond belief. A whole generation is now growing up thinking this is normal. Photoshopping images to this degree and making the person in them look two sizes smaller is unrealistic and very scary. This is not right or normal.

Nobody is perfect not even a Victoria Secret Model – and what is perfect when we are all different? Isn’t beauty in the eye of the beholder?

The industry needs to realise the difference between a polished image and an unrealistic photoshopped image. In the past this technology was just used within the industry Brands could get away with altering images without the public knowing or even noticing but not anymore. Come on people children know what photoshop is! So now the cat is well and truly out of the bag and photoshop is now used more and more. We can even alter our own pictures using apps on our phones. People can now see and notice when an image has been overly airbrushed or photoshopped or altered in any way. It really does need to be reigned in. Stop the pressure of “perfection” it isn’t obtainable it’s like the fountain of youth it doesn’t exist.


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine