Hipster Holiday Hotspots with Simply Be

We’ve all had the moment… you know the one I mean… the OMG I’m going on holiday, What do I pack? I have no clothes! What does real hot weather feel like again?… I’f you’re about to jet off somewhere hot and sunny… just remember no one likes a show off. No seriously we do want to know, even more so the folks at Simply Be don’t want to just know where you’re headed they want to help solve you travel wardrobe dilemmas and better yet they want you to vote for your favourite hipster holiday hotspots… not asking for much are they!

The team at Simply Be have made this nifty little guide highlighting their fav holiday hotspots, head here to check it out. The Simply Be map has been decorated with hipster holiday hotspots to show you just where to head for that unforgettable adventure and they’re asking you to jump in and vote for your favourite. Whether it is the Souks of Morocco or the golden sands of Australia that take your fancy, this comprehensive hotspot guide should definitely conjure up both memories and dreams.

For those who can’t locate their holiday hotspot on the map, why not tweet the team at Simply Be with the #hipsterholidayhotspots to @simplybeuk

Once you have chosen your holiday hotspot and voted for it don’t forget to have a peek at the awesome outfits the Simply Be team have put together to divert your suitcase nightmare from what do I wear to… do I have a second suitcase!

From looking damn fine in NYC to looking hip and happening in Sweden and beach chic in Costa Rica the team have you covered.

And if that really wasn’t enough (gosh you lot want the world) the team have also put together some helpful hints and tips of what to drink, munch, do and see to ensure you immerse yourself in the culture, after all holidays aren’t all about Pina Colada’s (although they are primarily about that I know)

So what are you waiting for? The clocks ticking and that plane wont wait.




-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine