Hix at Selfridges

Hix, the chain of posh eateries and bars by Mark Hix have sprung up around London in what seems like a minutes, but this acclaimed chef and his band of merry men (and women obv) are treating Londoners to some tip top dining and drinking experiences. The Hix ¬†dining experience is separated into Caviar, Chops, serious Steak, fish, oysters… basically they have your taste buds covered for all occasions you simply need to book into the right location. Conceptual dining is not new but Mark Hix’s take on fusing food and art and essentially sensory pleasure is one that is taking London’s dining elite by storm. Already clocking up some seriously good reviews, the likes of Tramshed inEast London also champion new and emerging artists by displaying work centrally in the hub of the dining room. We’ve clocked up a few hours in the Hix Champagne Bar (the smallest cocktail bar in London we are told) that overlooks the accessories department in Selfridges (is there anywhere better to share a tipple or two?) and can vouch for not over the great bar snacks, divine drinks but the excellent, friendly service too. This may be well crafted and highly fashion forward boozing but the charming staff and atmosphere ensure that a mean cocktail is still served with a smile. We tried the Godiva Chocolatini (comes with Godiva chocolate ), the Espresso Martini was a perfect balance of flavours and the Pineapple Express is a party in a glass. So next time you’re off down Oxford Street take a detour and while away the hours watching the uber rich splash on handbags.


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine