Dip Dye… Lashes!

As a curly haired girl, the dip dye hair trend has passed me by. It simply doesn’t suit my mop of hair and it, quite frankly has made me a little sad. I’m sure some of you are thinking, ‘Screw it, try it anyway’… the problem is I have been there, done it and got the t-shirt in my teens and it was far from awesome. I was about 16 and I’d gone with a close friend to a Camden salon so she could get a dip dye do – we were very ahead of the times obviously – it looked so cool on her and as I had dyed my hair continuously since the age of 12 I thought nothing of it by going for a very bright red dip dye on relatively short curly hair. All I can tell you is that a hat was worn, an emergency salon trip to a new salon, several giggles from the staff later and the colour stripped and destroyed, before my hair was dyed black, set me off on a horrendous journey or crazy coloured hair for a long time… so no I won’t try it again just for giggles. But for all of you that want to dip your toe into the dip dye water, then why not try some dip dye lashes!

This is done using lash extensions that have been pre-dyed and ready made to give you the dip dye lash effect. There are a range of ombre tones to suit all skin and eye colours and they give a fun but subtle effect.

Coming in purple, blue and green, the ombre lash extension are great fun.

A full set will cost you £110.00 but Perfect Eyelashes, the brand behind the dip dye lashes are favourites amongst celebs for their bespoke extensions.

Are you ready to bat yours?



-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine