Choosing clothes to match your body shape

To look your best it is essential to have clothes that flatter your figure regardless of your body type. No matter what your shape is, there are clothes that will accentuate your unique assets and skim those areas you don’t feel as confident about.


The hour glass

The hour glass is typically considered the most desired female body type. If you naturally have this, then finding clothes that look good should not be all that challenging. The most common problems for hour glass figures are finding clothes that are tight enough at the waistline while being large enough at the bust. Belted dresses can be a great option if the difference between your waist and bust measurements is excessive. Belted skirts, shirts, dresses, etc., can look great on an hour glass shape because it draws attention to a waistline that is small in proportion to your bust and hips.


The apple

The wrap dress is your friend. This dress tends to emphasise the bustline while defining the waist with a tie on the side. A dark shade of dress can give a more streamlined appearance to your figure. Avoid wearing fabrics that are too stretchy. Dresses that get larger from the waist will draw attention upwards rather than down. A V-neck can also be extremely flattering. Bodycon dresses are too clingy to be a good match for apples.



If you have this body type then you might want to create the illusion of curves. Your body type is simply more athletic. To create curves you will want to choose styles that add volume to your bustline and create the illusion of curves. Ruffles on top, collars, and empire waist dresses can all maximise volume up top while showing off your waist. A pleated cocktail dress can be flattering and give the appearance of curves. Separates such as a shirt and skirt or pants and top can be a good option for your body type. They will allow you to emphasise your bustline and define your waist, making your body appear more curvaceous.


Lingerie for all sizes

Gone are the days when lingerie was only available in limited sizing. There is a large selection of plus size lingerie at affordable prices that can help you look your best and feel sexier than ever. Don’t be afraid to flaunt it with your partner and add some spice to your relationship. A baby doll chemise can draw attention from the waist of apple shapes and focus it on your bustline. If it skims the thigh in length it will also flatter fuller hips. For the full busted hour glass figure, a demi cut bra can provide you with the support you need while showing off your assets. V-shaped panties can add curves and come in a wide variety of flirty and fun styles. Lacy sheer bras that show off your chest can be very comfortable as well and emphasise what you have going on up top.


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine