Plus Size Item of the Day!

Every day is simply another potential catwalk here at SLiNK HQ! And now we have SLiNK boutique we simply have a plus size fashion fest every single day! From sweaters to pencil skirts, leather trousers to perfect parkas and military jackets – SLiNK boutique is all about perfect plus size fashion that is well designed, excellently executed and of exceptional quality! We don’t settle of lower our standard for anyone! Every day until new year we will pick our favourite piece of the day! Today we start with our favourite coat – the perfect parka that EVERYONE at SLiNK boutique HQ owns because of the down filling it is exceptionally warm, the hood and fur trim is removable and the pockets make it really practical. If that wasn’t enough the great shaping will really flatter your curves! The coat is available in size 18 to size 26 – amazing!

Green Puffa SLiNK Boutique


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine