Plus Size News… Fizzy Pop

Well plus size as usual has been in the news a lot in the past fortnight.

From the ban on large sized fizzy drinks in NYC to Mississippi passing law to stop a similar fizzy drink ban unfolding there, it seems that governments globally are trying to step up and molly coddle people’s choice of food or drink. Having just arrived back from NYC myself I can confirm that just like in the myths, everything there is pretty much, big. From the size of the pavements to teaspoons, to the size of portions everything is definitely a super sized level up from what I’m used to here in the UK. But is all this new legislation a little too late? And is the answer to getting people healthy really in banning the size of a drinks take away cup.

Now we at SLiNK know it isn’t just about size (of both our bodies and cups) it’s about health and while like everything, moderation is key and obviously chugging litres of fizzy pop isn’t good for you, surely the fast food chains that pop up on every street corner are full of further hidden health risks than the drinks alone. Equally though, in a society of human rights and freedom of choice is it the governments place to tell us how much cola we’re allowed to consume?

While I believe in freedom of choice, I equally think that trying to coerce people or re-educate into a healthier lifestyle and better food choices is really important. But the tokenism of the drinks laws when fast food joints are so prevalent and so cheap makes me mad. It’s all very well to ban large quantities of sugary drink but if the licenses are still provided and chains like Coca Cola are still allowed to sponsor huge events (like the Olympics) we’re sending some very mixed messages, after all the Olympic Athletes noshed on burgers and chips at the Olympic Stadium as McDonalds was the main food sponsor as was chocolate brand cadbury. So really and truly if governments want to help, lets make fruit and veg and healthy food more accessible, better promoted and cheaper and make the fast food joints the ones that feel like a real treat not just the cheapest and quickest option.


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine