British Plus Size Awards! – NOMINATE US

This year sees the start of the British Plus Size Awards.

Think SLiNK is doing a great job? Then NOMINATE US for Best magazine?

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Fill in as many categories as possible!

Nominations are now live!

We’re looking for companies and personalities who offer outstanding service, inspiration or who have broken barriers within the plus size industry. We want to reward the companies who we believe help aid positivity amongst the plus size world. Do you know of a company who have consistently provided strong plus size fashion? Perhaps you know a plus size celebrity who has inspired you to be more comfortable within your own skin?

We will be accepting nominations for our 2013 ceremony until midday 31st May 2013.

We want to hear your voice, so we’re giving you the chance to nominate who you feel should be awarded a British Plus Size Award at this year’s ceremony.


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine