We love wellies, mainly because when the rain takes over we still adore to jump in puddles and when more snow falls we will be racing outside to play about in it to! But none of this would be possible without the correct footwear. In fact sans the right footwear and we’d have rather soggy and frost bitten toes. But with carves like ours it isn’t always easy so we were over joyed when we discover Jileon Wellies! Now for starters they do wellies for your whole family but more importantly they also do wellies in different calf lengths! Which means that they are a company that is curve friendly and we can shout ‘Wellies for All’ in a rather over excited voice! And if that was not enough for our demanding SLiNKettes, you can currently get a 10% discount at Jileon with the SLiNK discount code… SLINK10

So off you go http://www.jileon.com


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine