Too big for Pop Music?

We all know that pop music has a set formula, glossy smile, long, flick worthy hair, perfect outfit oh and being slim. It’s not a new phenomenon just look at the way the press mocks any woman in the public eye that dares to not be a size 8. From personal experience as a stylist, trying to get clothes for a celeb shoot that aren’t sample size is a huge feat because after all we all know that celebs can only come in size S. Plus size has never been something we associate with fame and if the plus size does make it into a magazine or newspaper it is often tokenism or to be ridiculed.

Of course there are exceptions to the rule, stars such as Adele and Christina Hendricks have become the poster girls for the young plus size generation as they flaunt their curves and their talent in equal measure.

I was appalled to read that music maker Pete Waterman had dumped the talented Hope due to her size, and while I probably would like to see her in a little less make up, after all she’s a pretty girl! To judge her vocal ability on the dress size she wears is utterly stupid.

Hope we wish you all the best in the competition, you’re doing all curvy girls proud, reminding (men in particular) to judge women on their ability and talents not by their dress size!

Article in response and image Daily Mail


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine