Curves on TV

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then it’s more than likely you’ve at least heard of, watched, or in some of my friends cases become totally and utterly obsessed with TOWIE, ‘The Only Way is Essex’, constructed reality, love it or loathe it, everyone is talking about it. The one thing I do love about TOWIE, aside from the hilarious quotes it leaves for everyone to discuss the next day is the fact that the current Queen of TOWIE is without a shadow of a doubt, the curvy, blonde, bubbly, bundle of laughs Gemma Collins. In fact, myself and team SLiNK member Lauren talk about her a lot. I often have issues with the way plus size girls are presented on TV, just look at Heather in Eastenders, they always make out like the girl above a size 14 is always a loser, but not Gemma Collins, she’s most definitely this seasons winner. Warm, down to earth and with a personality and issues I’m sure many girls face, Gemma has become the girl everyone is relating to right now and you cant blink without seeing her.

When I spoke to the Daily Mail, I said I didn’t like Gemma’s naked Heat shoot, not because I think plus size girls should cover up, more because I felt HEAT were doing a ‘Heather’ and taking the piss a bit, Gemma’s full of drama and fierce as anything, I would’ve like to have seen her, kit off, on a well dressed set to reflect that (basically we would do the job better), After all lets not do naked for headline but more to show that girls are beautiful in sizes other than zero!

We do LOVE Gemma in HEAT mag this week though, how much fun does that shot look!

I totally can’t wait to see what Gemma’s clothing range will bring and hopefully we can feature the collection in SLiNK some time soon!

So Gemma Collins, SLiNK salutes you for showing tv viewers that curvy girls are gorgeous, bubbly, fierce and a force to be reckoned with!

(Image: HEAT)


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine